Lyrics of One Day

I got a call from a friend of mine
He said there was something on his mind
He felt so bad most everyday
A little happiness he couldn't find
And just wanted some to come his way

I said sure I'll tell you what to do
To help you not feel so blue
It will happen if you don't just stand still
Take my advice and it surely will

Catch the light of the moment
Make a memory
Have a simple life
Without complexity

Let your convictions compel you
Believe they are true
Live in the moment
And you'll never be blue

Help one soul in your life
Share your troubles and strife
Plant some hope in a heart
It won't change the world
But it's a very good start

Though you can't always win
You can always learn
Step up to the plate
When it's your turn

Forgive the ones that have wronged you
So I am told
They will one day thank you
As you grow old

Well......I didn't know if my advice would crack the case
Until I saw that grin
On that wrinkled old face

He said, you my friend
Have made me smile
And even though it took a while
I really do like your style

When I stop to think about it
I know I'm only one man
You have made me happy
Because here is my plan

It's never too late
To accept love and joy
To wipe out the hate
To turn sorrow to happiness
Truth over deceit
I'm gonna try with everyone I meet

One day I'll be gone
But I'll never say never
Until I'm sure the seeds I've sown
Will grow forever


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