Lyrics of P-nut

Mangy ole dog, but she's so cute.
Stinkin old dog, give her the boot.
I don't need a dog to tie me down.
I should just take her to the pound.

I woke up at 4 cause I had to go pee.
Had too much to drink. That's common with me.
But this time was different. She was on my mind.
That's when I knew I was in a bind.


Is she a keeper or should I throw her back?
Why this dilemma. My brain I would rack.
Couldn't stop thinking as I lay back down.
What's the matter with me, I questioned with a frown.

I've encountered stray dogs and cats in the past
and I kept thinking, this feeling won't last.
I should go back to sleep and forget about her.
Her stubby nose turns me off, but she does have soft fir...which I kind of like.

Chorus (no singing)

As I weighed the cons and the pros
all of a sudden it hit me, and I froze.
I've been wanting to slow down for my life's been a blur.
And I've been searching for how I would make that detour.

I can't shrug this feeling and I must deal with it now.
Maybe a message is being sent somehow.
To make a long story short, I went with my gut.
and that mangy ole dog is now named P-nut.

Mangy ole dog, but she's so cute.
Stinkin old dog, give her the boot.
Looks like I needed a dog to slow me down.
Guess I'll have to keep her around.

2007 Dan Carlson
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