Lyrics of Peace-sequel, written by Bruce Coghill

Woke up this morning with light in my face
I took a look around
I did not recognize this place
I looked out the window
Much to my surprise
There were stars floating by
And no blue in the sky
I could not believe my eyes

I could not help but wonder what was in store?
What am I here for?
Why was I floating six feet off the floor?
I had been abducted the night before

Then adding to my gloom
Two creatures walked into the room
I was so scared
I thought I met my doom

Welcome, they both said
With a smile on their face
You are in a better place
This is outer space

Let us explain why we brought you here
The reason will be clear
Would you like a beer?

Then.....They began to explain why!!!!

Soon my friend, your planet will be decimated
Not enough people are being vaccinated
Why are so many hated?

You are doing everything wrong
Why can't humans get along?
It's such a sad sad song

Why can't there be peace?
Peace is a feeling
Why is war so appealing?
It's got your planet reeling

Your department of justice is useless
Its members all seem so clueless
Your leaders are so estranged
Everyone is so deranged

Your debts are soaring
And don't forget about global warming
Just what are you going to do?
Let it be spoken
Your food chain is already broken
Your whole planet is over run with fools

Then, one looked me in the eyes and said.........
Let me make myself clear
Dammit, we are taking you to another planet
Believe me, you are much better off up here

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