Lyrics of Peace, written by Bruce Coghill

With each new sunrise comes a most peaceful feeling
The sweet smell of the air
Your senses are reeling
Spellbound by nature
As it would seem
Awake you may be
But still in a dream

The book of life opens to the first page
The story is "peace"
The whole world is its stage

You look around you
As you breathe in deep
You wish forever
This feeling you could keep

You have no worries of tomorrow
For it is so far away
All that really matters
Is that you are here today

Though it may sound false
It may be true
This day could last forever
If you truly want it to

Look to nature and you will understand
That peace is a feeling
All over this land

Yes, peace is a feeling
in minds far and near
To live in peace
Is to live without fear

So don't worry about tomorrow
It is so far far away
All that truly matters
Is that you are here today

Keep your mind open
Believe that it is true
You can make inner peace last forever
If you truly want it to

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