Lyrics of Pheasants

Pheasants, chickens, and sheep,
my grandkids love to keep.
But put all them together, can they all get along?
And do they all know where they all belong?

The lambs were in the pen
and they ate around the pheasants nest.
The mother was still sitting on her eggs.
That is what she knows how to do best.

While hoeing thistles and wild parsnips
the mother was scared off of her nest.
All the weeds had to be cut
and the mother pheasant couldn't protest.

The kids found 9 eggs in that nest
and now they were getting cold.
The babies all would die very soon.
So now they must do something bold.


They gently took the eggs from the nest
and put them all under Big White.
For she was a brooding chicken
so she would hopefully lay on them all night.

A couple of days later they were hatched,
but Big White knew something was wrong.
For all the little birds didn't look like chicks.
She just knew they didn't belong.


The kids couldn't save all nine of them
cause she ate off the head of one.
And another little head was bleeding so bad
that it looked like it was hit with a shotgun.

So before she could peck them all to death,
the kids took the other seven away.
They put them all in a cardboard box
so they could live another day.

Now a fence is inside their greenhouse
to keep the chickens out and the pheasants in.
They buy pheasant food at Nelson's store
because the little ones are so thin.

chorus only

They don't know what the future will hold
for those dependent, cute little things.
But today they are having fun playing with them
then they will see what tomarrow brings.

There is always a lesson to be learned.
And this story carries one too.
When you put two different birds together like this,
their safety is all up to you.

I guess they do.

2007 Dan Carlson
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