Lyrics of Secret

How can we have the good life without being happy?
Let's figure it out and make it snappy.
Cause we don't have a lot of time to be so crappy.
People lose patience with us.

No one wants to be around one who complains.
It makes them feel weary and causes strains.
They don't like the energy that it sometimes drains.
So people lose patience with us.

Peace does not mean having no trouble.
It means to be calm in the midst of rubble.
But it's hard to learn and so we just mumble.
and people lose patience with us.

We think to have a good life is acquiring more stuff.
But the problem with that is we never have enough.
When we realize that peace is possible without greed.
People will begin to take notice.

When our sense of possibility is somehow heightened.
We reflect our excitement without being frightened.
People respond with a sense of wonder
and now they make time for us.

Cheerfulness isn't at all like happiness.
We can't always be happy without any strife.
But a cheerful outlook is always possible.
And that is the secret of a good life.

2007 Dan Carlson
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