Lyrics of Stay with it.

Early spring, weeks of schedules cleared.
Usual plans and routines disappeared.
School now closed. Friends connect from afar.
Paid work on hold. The door opens ajar.

Time to retreat amidst life of Family
Different than the way Retreat was supposed to be
No longer want silence on my own meditating on a mountain
Opportunity to hear the roar like dancing in a fountain

We notice with awe little changes we see each day in the maple tree
With eager anticipation, we watch for what color the tulips will be
For why do the Tulips radiate their beauty when left in the garden to bloom?
Beacons of new beginnings shine with light of the sun and the moon

I've learned that my practices ARE my life as I cultivate spirit each day.
Old schedules, routines, and priorities will just have to clear away.
I feel the fullness of the moment, stay with it and reach for the skies!

We live into it now. Support one another. Together, we blossom and rise!

2020 Jenelle Boyer for Lyrics, Dan Carlson for Song. All rights reserved.
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