Lyrics of Take a journey in your mind

Take the highway on a journey, a journey to the endless light
Travel the highway to the horizon that never sees the night
Take the train that travels forever but never sees midnight
It's the train to the horizon where midnight is forever, forever and always bright

The endless summer seems to have found us
Sun filled days have tracked us down
Children play all day in the warm sunshine
Warm days will always be around

Deep in my mind I know I can find
A caravan that will take me far away
Where an endless night is never in sight
It's always a beautiful, a beautiful endless day

I see majestic fields of grain
That will grow and grow without rain
It seems like magic to me
As my mind tries to invent
A world without lament
Where everyone is free


Now.....There will always and forever
There'll always be hard questions to answer
Because problems will always be around
So take that journey to depths of your mind
Where the answers can always be found

In my mind I have talked to the river
While watching the soothing gentle water flow
Please! please believe what you hear, the river said
And I'll tell you all in life you need to know

As I gazed into the laughing water
While taking a really long hard look
The answers to my thoughts opened before me
Like pictures in a lost and forgotten book

Hypnotized and mesmerized as I imagined, I imagine how the water flows
An overwhelming calm washed over me
Yes....Yes, Yes the river always knows

Now....There will forever and always be, always be hard questions to answer
But the answers may not be that hard to find
Because they are quietly waiting for you
To take that journey in your mind

Take that journey in your mind
All the answers, answers you will find
So take that journey in your mind
In your mind
In your mind

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