Lyrics of  The changing of the guard

Woke up this morning
Like so many times before
As the first cup of coffee disappeared
One more I did pour

I could feel commotion and vibration
Just outside my door
What was going on? said I
As I stumbled across my floor

Through an open window
I could hear a sound so sweet
The laughter and music
Right there out on the street

My friends and neighbors gathered to see me
My chest expanding with pride
The moment was so special
I felt so good inside

Then....A voice from the crowd said to me
As they stood like statues in my yard
The years have past
It's time at last
For the changing of the guard

Lay down your shield and armor
Lay down the sword at your side
We have no complaints and
You have nothing you must hide

We all shared the good times
You were there when times got hard
You always did what was right for us
You always played your card
Sadly the time has come our friend
For the changing of the guard

The changing of the guard

2021 Bruce Coghill for lyrics. Dan Carlson for song. All rights reserved.
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