Lyrics of The Rodeo Clown

Behind the gate
Awaiting their fate
The bull with the rider on top
The roar of the crowd gets so deafeningly loud
The gate opens and the excitement won't stop

Over in the corner like Little Jack Horner
He watches the rider hit the ground
He runs to save the day and gets the bull away
Thank God for the Rodeo Clown

His hat is so dusty, his belt buckle is rusty
His clothes are dirty and stained
But he has no cares about the clothes he wears
The last time they saw water is when it rained

He once was a plow boy, then became a cow boy
When he started to roam
He now lives out his glories by telling cow boy stories
The rodeo is now his home

He's the last of a breed
Like an old tumbling weed
But the rodeo still needs him around
To save the day by distracting the beast away
>From the rider who has fallen down

He's the unsung hero of a vanishing breed
The man in the shadows but always in need
exuding excitement when he's around
Thank God for the rodeo clown
Oh, thank God.

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