Lyrics of The Silver Moon by Bruce Coghill

I pulled into Provo
It was about a half past noon
Pulled my car in front of a bar
That was called the Silver Moon
The sweat was dripping from my brow
As I got out of my ride
I was hungry and needed a beer
So I proceeded to go inside

Now, I don't know if the noonday heat
Was playing tricks with my head
I could hear voices coming from some where
But the place sure seemed dead
I hesitated, as I slowly opened the door
Much to my surprise were a pair of eyes
Don't be afraid said an old lady
as she stared at me from across the floor

Come in, you ain't going no where
You're so welcome and please pull up a chair
While a large dog lay at her feet
And watched her brush her long long hair
Then she said......Take a load off my friend
Please sit and chat with me
I'll help you bring all of your troubles to an end
and the food and the drinks are free

We talked and laughed the whole night through
Then came the light of a new day
Then....her voice became weak
and it was hard for her to say.
I really like you, young man,she said
I really want you to stay
I watched her slowly start to vanish.
She vanished and slipped away.

I looked out the window
The sun had turned the land into dust
My new car had disappeared
It had vanished into rust
I heard the voices once again
Coming from I know not where
Was it from the cellar
Or at the top of the stair

No matter what you have heard in your life
One thing you can believe
Once you enter The Silver Moon
You can never leave
No matter what your dreams are
They will all fade too soon
Welcome my friend welcome
Welcome to The Silver Moon

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