Lyrics of The Wind

Said the rich man to the pauper
May I please have a word?
You talk to the wind
Or so I have heard

Yes!! said the pauper to the rich man
To the wind I talk everyday
The wind always listens
To everything I say
And gives me the courage
To help me find my way

To chide me if I'm not playing straight
To guide me whenever I'm running late

A true friend indeed
Though he cannot be seen
He's here he's there
He's in between

Said the rich man to the pauper
It matters not how much I pay
The wind does not hear me
My words are all blown away

A shadow of a man on the outside
Whose tortured soul looks within
With disillusion and confusion
I know not where to begin

Said the pauper to the rich man
May I please have a word before you go
I wish to tell you something
That you surely should know

The wind will never hear you
No matter how hard you try
It's a gift from Mother Nature
That your money cannot buy


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