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 Puzzle-Face Push Mold Gallery

All of the characters in this gallery were made using the Puzzle-Face Molds. 

The photos were either sent to us by students and customers
 or were taken by Maureen in classes.

May 2011
Artist: Susan Bowlby from Alamogordo, NM, USA
Susan used the puzzle face molds  pf1 pf1 pf1

Rock Sculpture
May 2008
Artist: Pat Leatherwood from Tennessee, USA
Photos: Pat Leatherwood
2008 Pat Leatherwood Pat used all 4 PF Molds, mix and match, to make these polymer clay heads which she then attached to rocks. 

Looks like she also used the What A Character Push Molds hands, #11 or #12.  She did a great job of matching the color of the clay to the rocks!  Note that she blended the pieces to create wonderful one-of-a-kind artwork. rock
Either acrylic paint or Genesis Artist Colors (heat set paints from http://www.genesisartistcolors.com ) are good paint options for adding extra color touches here and there on both the faces and the rocks. When adding clay to rocks, Maureen suggests that you first rub some clay firmly onto the surface of the rock to act as a base layer, then add the clay pieces onto that layer. Usually rocks have enough irregularity to the surface to cause the clay to stick.   If, after baking, the clay comes loose, you can attach it with a Super Glue-type glue. Cracks do often appear around the edges of the clay, but cracks can give the pieces a more organic, natural look.


 Show-Tune-Singing Tree Troll
February 2008
Artist: Patty Pickup
Photos: Patty Pickup
2008 Patty Pickup This Tool Troll was made by Patty, who is from Pennsylvania, in a 2008 class that Maureen taught at Cabin Fever Clay Festival in Maryland. sample
Patty used PF Mold #1 and her own terrific sculpting skills. sample

Freddie Fever
February 2008
Artist: Syd Wellman from Pennsylvania, USA
Photos: by Syd Wellman
2008 Syd Wellman

Syd said when she sent the photos: "Attached are the photos of Freddie Fever - born at Cabin Fever! He was great fun and I'm starting a second one. I can hardly wait to get the other molds from you. This is so much faster than starting from scratch! "   sample



Trial and Development for the Puzzle Face
Push Molds: January 2008
Three Tool Trolls
January 2008 Artist: Maureen Carlson
Photos: Maureen Carlson
2008 Maureen Carlson sample
These three Tool Trolls are part of a teaching series that Maureen did especially for the 2008 Cabin Fever Clay Festival in Laurel, Maryland.    


The First Trial and Development Class:
January 2008
Tool Troll
January 2008 Artist: Terry Giacomini
Photos: Terry Giacomini
2008 Terry Giacomini Terry was part of  Maureen's first trial and development class for the Puzzle Face Push Molds.  Terry is an experienced sculptor, so her feedback was important in the development of the Push Molds.   sample
Tool Troll (below)
January 2008 Artist: Jacque Stratton
Photo: Maureen Carlson
2008 Jacque Stratton Jacque's feedback in the trial and development class was that the parts needed to be smaller and more refined in order to help in the creation of more feminine characters.  Jacque felt that the pieces were too big for her character, at right. Thanks to Jacque, Maureen worked on developing Puzzle-Face Molds #3 and 4 which have smaller noses and fuller mouths. sample
Tool Troll (below)
January 2008

Artist: Susan Marshall
Photo: Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall was new to character development and sculpting techniques when she came to the trial and development class.  It was because of Susan's feed back that the PF Molds are in their current format.  Thank you Susan!  Her troll, below, shows that even a first timer can create a clay character with appealing charm.

 Bracelet (below)
September 22, 2008

Artist: Dee Wilder
Photo: Dee Wilder

Look what I did with your puzzle face molds. ....Dee
P.S. It's a bracelet. sample

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