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A Dangle Doll Angel Project

A Maureen Carlson Design
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Beads on a String
Serenity Jayne

A Dangle Doll Angel 

This 11-page how-to project includes 62 full-color photos and detailed step-by-step instructions to complete this dangle doll angel. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Use the push mold to make a face bead
  • Create jelly-roll pincurls for hair
  • Form hollowed-out cone shapes for the dress
  • Make tube beads
  • Make hands
  • Make feet
  • Work with alcohol inks
  • Use alcohol-ink-based markers to paint the face
  • Assemble the pieces so that all parts move
 face pic

 This 6 ½-inch tall dangle doll angel can be hung as a decoration, inside or out, to add some color and “life” to your décor.  Imagine how charming she would be in a Christmas tree, kids’ rooms, wall groupings, outdoor arbors or hanging plants.  

The project uses our What a Character Mold B2: 6 Face Beads, available at http://www.weefolk.com/molds_list.htm .


feet pic

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