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Featuring the Pippsywoggins® Opal Veronica, Leticia Elizabeth, Twylah Jean, Jay Oatis Will and Zachary Alexander in watercolor paintings by Val Daniels and photographs by CMC.  On the back of each card you’ll find the story of that Pippsywoggin.  You may also click on each Pip name to read the story.

And who and what are Pippsywoggins?
Opal Veronica wants you to see all the Pips here.
According to the stories, which were written by Maureen Carlson, Pippsywoggins are wee folk who live on the very edge of imagination.  If you wish to see one, spend time in those places where worlds overlap, such as where the garden turns into meadow, where the path enters the woods or where dreams meet reality. 

Each story features a Pip character – and a gentle message - which can be applied to our own lives.  For instance:
Opal Veronica knows that life is good when we have something to plan, something to look forward to and something to celebrate.
Jay Oatis Will has the courage to reach out and risk an experience or learn a new skill.  The joy and life in his eyes is an encouragement to those who hear his story.
Zachary Alexander adds adventure to his life by following these steps: Observe.  Decide what you want.  Calculate the risks.  Then go for it.
Leticia Elizabeth demonstrates the joy that comes from caring for all things that move by their own energy, whether it be a frog that clings to the roof of her house in the wild plum tree or a bug that she discovers at the foot of her little feather­filled bed. 
Twylah Jean is so fond of green and growing things that she says plants can be better company than some Pips that she knows!  (Might the same be true for human beings??!) 

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Cardset1, This set includes 4 blank watercolor cards (approx. 5" x 7"), and 4 envelopes. $9.00

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Cardset2, This set includes 2 watercolor and 2 photo cards(approx. 5" x 7"), 4 envelopes, a ribbon tie on each card, and 5 parchments (5" x 7") with the messages at the bottom of this page so you may attach and interchange them as needed.  $12.75

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Wishing You
The Happiness of Teamwork
The Joy of Work Well Done

and the Success
that comes from
Believing in Yourself
and in
Your Dreams



You did it!!!



Today is a day for
telling the stories ...

...of who you are,
where you've been,

what you've seen

of what you dream.

Wishing you many blessings

as you turn the page into
the next chapter of

your story!

Happy Birthday!


Thinking of You

… and Wishing



Today is a day for


dreaming dreams


remembering how special

you really are!