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Dan's Originals (and some that are not)

2007 Dan Carlson.  Commercial use or distributing for profit is prohibited without my consent.
You may download, save, copy, and distribute all my songs freely without profit. 

My wish is to give you hope in the midst of life's ups and downs.
I hope you enjoy my music.....and I thank you for your support.



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The Wanderer's Journey on YouTube

This is a mythical story about the Wanderer, forever destined to roam.
All 12 of his journeys were completed in 2018.
Dan Carlson created the music and Bruce Coghill created the lyrics.
We hope you enjoy them all.


Songs acappella / barbershop style

Live your life today. (The lyrics and melody are not mine, but I liked the message so much that I had to sing it.)

Unlock and let go all the details of your life.

Travel companions forever.

Barbara you've changed so much.

We all wear our masks.

Just one more time that's all I ask.

Ode to my daughters.

Why me Lord?

She's our wonderful sister.

That wrinkled old man is me.

There is a place for fantasies.

We're all connected.

Persevere. It'll get better, I swear.

Why is there so much temptation? (with music video)

Keep the pheasants in.

Be ready to go.

Humility can be a hard teacher.

What trees sometimes say.

That mangy old dog is now named P-nut. (with music video)

I hold this grudge. What's the matter with me?

I have some free time.

The secret of a good life. (Singalong)

Your eyes mirror your love for me.

When we are caught cheating.

My worries are increasing 10 fold.

We're alone with our tears.

Just imagine all the positives.

How to make good honey.

Be careful of your tone.

When I ask you to listen to me.

Go to sleepy baby.

I have hope again.

Because time won't wait.

The little things shouldn't matter much.

On this very special Day.

The games that people play.

Sheree. you're a very special one.

Ken, do you feel the power?

Growing a beatiful garden easy.

Why did you go?

When we realize the power within.

I'm simply walking without a care.  

Where have all the hippies gone?

I love listening to the day.

I've walked through the darkness into the light.

Excuses, excuses, is all you give to me.

Thank God I'm an Amish Man.

Ode to Mike

Let me stay forever in your garden.

Let's Reconcile

I'm sitting on my back porch.

Get yourself a mancave.

I have what I need.

Long before the day is done.

I leave my heart with you.

We will always be together, as one heart.

I Don't Care

When my moods all merge together.

I Need a Pill.

I'm Glad

When the rain drops, I think of you.

Give me just another day with you.

Good friendships always last.

He's my older brother.

Now Kurt is free.

Some is heavy this time of year.

I's been a cold cold winter.

It's the hardest thing I will ever do.

I started out with nothing.

I love talking to people.

The battles I fought.

Watching and wondering why.

Cussing quietly.

You're the best time of my day.

My nightmare is just begun.

Gonna drink my supper tonight.

Get out there and fight.

Never controlled again.

Your mystery is so deep. *****************

Dream, dream children dream

Someone to share my heart.

For you to analyze.

Miracles will happen in your mind.

I miss you

You know I'd never make it on my own.

Faded memories are all I have.

You surely are justified.

I thank the Lord you set me free.

Why are all the good times gone?

I'm not like everyone else.

Don't want no cadillac no more.

Fifty Years Ago- By Dan

Fifty Years Ago- By Bruce

Back Together Blues- By Dan

Back Together Blues- By Bruce

Watching children grow and grow.

The pain raining down is too much to bear.

He named me Independence.

This place I call wonderland.

Those nasty old everyday blues.

You tell me that I'm your only one.

I'm sitting in the darkness.

Gotta chase those old blues away.

We're both having the last laugh.

Those old dog gone blues.

What a crying shame.

I'm feeling those consequences.

See you on down the road.

The one they call old school.

Babbling brook blues

It's me and my own insecurity.

It's really here.

Dissipating my fears.

We have so little time.

A ghost floated across my floor.

Ball and chain blues

The long way around.

The world is a zoo.

Welcome aboard.

The simple life that's for me.

I got the blues again.

Is there nothing, nothing upstairs?

You gotta listen to me.

Sunrise to Sunset what are you going to do today?

Here we are.

Walking backwards through a croud.

Please stay.

This is the beginning.

Let's put our feelings in a song.

Me and you down to two.

Sharing each other's sweat.

I'm ready to sweat.

It gets me boiling.

Beautiful thoughts are flying.

Lost and found.

Thank you for being there.

Eternity is waiting for you and I.

It's time to move on.

Whenever you decide.

White collar crime.

The Sea. (Lyrics by Doris Coghill)

New Days have found me.

Minnesota is our home.


Recipes for the blues.

Now I'm really really blue.


Blue Times Two.


I got the blues for you.

I still got the blues for you.

I've found a way.

This is the day.

My Album.

Take a journey in your mind.

Bluer than the sky.

An Answer.

The Rat's Nest Bar.

May He shine His light on you.


Duct Tape Blues.