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Dan's Originals (and some that are not)

2007 Dan Carlson.  Commercial use or distributing for profit is prohibited without my consent.
You may download, save, copy, and distribute all my songs freely without profit. 

My wish is to give you hope in the midst of life's ups and downs.
I hope you enjoy my music.....and I thank you for your support.



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The Wanderer's Journey on YouTube

This is a mythical story about the Wanderer, forever destined to roam.
All 12 of his journeys were completed in 2018.
Dan Carlson created the music and Bruce Coghill created the lyrics.
We hope you enjoy them all.


Songs acappella / barbershop style The four unison voices of Dan

Today is mine. (The lyrics and melody are not mine, but I liked the message so much that I had to sing it.) When the sun came up this morning

Unlock and let go all the details of your life. Unlock and let go all the details of your life.

Travel companions forever. May I take you on a road that goes somewhere?

Barbara, you've changed so much. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.

We all wear our masks. Have you ever told a story

Just one more time that's all I ask. Do you think it'll be alright

Ode to my daughters. I have a vision when you two were young.

Why me Lord? There are only two things we can be assured.

She's our wonderful sister. She's there for us when times are rough.

That wrinkled old man is me. What would you give

There is a place for fantasies. Do you ever wish that you could fly,

We're all connected. We each have inner power,

Persevere. It'll get better, I swear. I don't know what the future will hold.

Why is there so much temptation? (with music video) Sausage

Keep the pheasants in. Pheasants, chickens, and sheep,

Be ready to go. The calm before the storm

Humility. Humility can be a hard teacher.

What trees sometimes say. Exposing children to imagination

That mangy old dog is now named P-nut. (with music video) Mangy ole dog, but she's so cute.

I hold this grudge. What's the matter with me? I hold this grudge

Let's play. I have some free time.

The secret of a good life. (Singalong) How can we have the good life without being happy?

Your eyes mirror your love for me. Where there's sunshine

When we are caught cheating. Everyone does it

My worries are increasing 10 fold. It was not my intent

We're alone with our tears. I can't forgive

Just imagine all the positives. If we want to spread positives

How to make good honey. Honey, honey, oh honey.

Be careful of your tone. It's not what you say.

When I ask you to listen to me. When I asked you to listen to me,

Go to sleepy baby. Go to sleepy baby.

I have hope again. When times grow dark

Because time won't wait. My life's a blur the older I get.

The little things shouldn't matter much. Why do I care?

On this very special Day. I want to do something special

The games that people play. Games, games, games, and more games.

Sheree. you're a very special one. Sheree, Sheree,

Ken. Ken, Ken, do you feel the power?

Growing a beatiful garden easy. Vines will grow to reach the sky

Why did you go? Why, why? Why did you go?

When we realize the power within.  Why do we make it hard on ourselves?

I'm simply walking without a care. When your mind is wound up as tight as a string,  

Hippies. Where have all the hippies gone?

I love listening to the day. The long night has finally past.

I've walked through the darkness into the light. As I walked from winter into spring,

Excuses, excuses, is all you give to me. Watching through my window,

Thank God I'm an Amish Man. I wake up every morning to the only life I've known.

Ode to Mike. Hey lookee way yonder down the road.

Let me stay forever in your garden. Whenever you are with me

Let's Reconcile. There you go again running for the door

I'm sitting on my back porch. I'm sitting on my back porch

Get yourself a mancave. All around the world most men will agree

I have what I need. I have
Long before the day is done. When I woke this morning, the man in the mirror said, "I want you to meet someone".  

I leave my heart with you. Whenever I'm away, I leave my heart with you.

We will always be together, as one heart. No river too deep. No mountain too high.

I Don't Care. I don't care. I don't care.

Moods. When my moods all merge together,

I Need a Pill. Why can't I see what's in front of me?

I'm Glad. I tell her my feelings,

Rain. When the rain drops on my lips, I think of you.

One more day. Give me another day with you.

Good friendships always last. Friends will come and they will go

He's my older brother. He is one of a kind

Now Kurt is free. He was a free spirit

Valentine. Something is heavy this time of year.

Winter. It sure has been a cold cold winter

Moving. You know you have been my shelter

Nothing. I started out with nothing

I love talking to people. I need someone to talk to, talk to.

The battles I fought. I remember dreaming of all the time that I had

Watching and wondering why. Watching and waiting

Bazaar. It's late October

Sundown Dream.  When the sun goes down in the evening

Sundown Nightmare. When the sun goes down in the evening

Gonna drink my supper tonight. Ya know it's gittin so

Get out there and fight. The headlines are bold.

Never controlled again. You make me smile or make me frown.

Mystery Lady. Like a picture post card she sits in her chair

Dream. Dream, dream children dream

Someone to share my heart. I always wanted to fall in love

For you to analyze. Doctor, I have brought the one in to be analyzed that you requested.

Miracles will happen in your mind. Never say never and you will find

I miss you I'm sitting here at this big old desk

You know. You know I'd never make it on my own

Faded memories are all I have. Faded memories

You surely are justified. You have worked hard all of your life.
I thank the Lord you set me free. Life for me used to be a living hell  

Why are all the good times gone? You lived in the city when you were a child

I'm not like everyone else. I don't want to live like everyone else

Don't want no cadillac no more. I shouldn't have bought that Cadillac

Fifty Years Ago- By Dan Went out walking down the road the other day

Fifty Years Ago- By Bruce Went out walking down the road the other day

Back Together Blues- By Dan Well we done every thing to try and get along

Back Together Blues- By Bruce Well we done every thing to try and get along

Watching children grow and grow. Watching children grow

Pain. The pain raining down is too much to bear.

He named me Independence. I was born in an old log cabin

This place I call wonderland. Though this day is forever gone

Those nasty old everyday blues. "Well"- Well you know

You tell me that I'm your only one. I get a pleasant easy feeling

Thoughts. I'm sitting in the darkness

Gotta chase those old blues away. I got the blues yes I do, yes I do

We're both having the last laugh. Every now and then I look back

Those old dog gone blues. I've been doing some thinking

What a crying shame. I remember when I first met you

I'm feeling those consequences. Hello, hello everyone. Can I have your attention?

See you on down the road. I just sat there waiting

The one they call old school. I wasn't born in the city
Babbling brook blues I got the babbling brook blues (yes I do)  

It's me and my own insecurity. Why are you doing this to me?

It's really here. It's here. It's here. It's really here.

Dissipating my fears. The misty droplets flow down my cheek

We have so little time. Well my best friend just called

A ghost floated across my floor. My Goodness!

Ball and chain blues Locked up and rotting in these prison walls

The long way around. It's been a long day but really not so bad

The world is a zoo. Walking down the street foggy eyed

Welcome aboard. I'm your captain I'm your captain

The simple life that's for me. Aaahh the simple life that's for me

I got the blues again. It's been so long that it's hard to think back

Nothing upstairs? When I was just a boy I knew everything.

Listen to me. You got to listen to me

Sunrise to Sunset. Sunrise sunrise what are you going to do today?

Here we are. Here we are

Walking backwards through a croud. When I was just a lad, when I was just a boy

Please stay. It's been so lonely in this old town

This is the beginning. This is the beginning

Let's put our feelings in a song. Why, oh why, do I feel bad this day?

Me and you down to two. When we were young and feeling down and blue

Sharing each other's sweat. Coming around the bend,

I'm ready to sweat. It's midnight the clock on the wall strikes twelve

It gets me boiling. You know life's been hard and not very charming

Beautiful Mind. We have always been the best of friends

Lost and found. Like flowers blooming in the winter

Thank you for being there. You know, to this day I've got to say

Eternity is waiting for you and I. Now we know what our life yields

It's time to move on. You looked at me and asked what the heck I was thinking of

Whenever you decide. Whenever, whenever, whenever you decide

White collar crime. I've seen them arriving in their expensive chauffeur driven cars

The Sea. (Lyrics by Doris Coghill) The Sea was calm, but in it's own way wild

New Days have found me. New days have found me

Minnesota is our home. The reasons are so many

Laughing. As I crawl this steep and slippery path

Recipes for the blues. Although the day has just started

Now I'm really really blue. Well here I am again fishing, yea, fishing down by this old creek

Skedaddle. Every now and then, for goodness sake

Blue Times Two. Well I've been doing some thinking and some rithmetic too

Why--? Your eyes sparkled like jewels

I got the blues for you. I got the blues, yes I do

I still got the blues for you. Oh how I wish I could see you

I've found a way. People talk behind my back

This is the day. Well.....well I never woke up this morning

My Album. I've been waiting for tomorrow since yesterday

Take a journey in your mind. Take the highway on a journey, a journey to the endless light

Bluer than the sky. When I came around this morning,

An Answer. I didn't know where the night went

The Rat's Nest Bar. I remember when I was young and still paying my dues

May He shine His light on you. May He shine His light on you

Suddenly. Suddenly the world is changing

Duct Tape Blues. Morning found me calmly unaware

Mr. Blue. This is the day of the evolving man

Hope, wishes,and dreams. Our hopes and wishes are forever mystical

A Beautiful Day. A beautiful day a beautiful day

A Better Day Tomorrow.  Hello hello hello

Truth, Love and Happiness
.  Happy, let's all be happy.

When I'm Blue.  I'm a man. Not a ghost.

When I'm Blue2. 
Version #2 (with harmony) I'm a man. Not a ghost.

Courage.  As I watched you walk.....

The Dream.  The stars were bright.

My My My My My.  In just 24 hours

It's a lovely day.  Barbershop song #25

The President.  Sometimes I wonder

What a Day.  Each morning that I wake love

Gone.  Little did I know my Mustang was no more

The Wonder of Whistling-Jenelle. 
Attending out the window...Lyrics by Jenelle

Stay with it-Jenelle. 
Early spring, weeks of schedules cleared...Lyrics by Jenelle

Twisted Logic.  Sometime, sometimes I just want to. I just want to fade away

To change the world.  Turn your head and look around you

The Songwriter.  I'm a songwriter

Bright Star.  We met each other many many year ago

Winds of change.  Winds of change are blowing blowing

Coming around the bend.  My old dog will come out to greet me.

Radio KDRM.  Long ago, once upon a time

Wanderer's Lament
.  The world's getting younger all the time.

An Old Blues Man.  Having spent his whole life.....

Go.  I said, "Hey!"

The Rodeo Clown.  Behind the gate....

The Poet.  As I was searching for my dream....

The Wanderer's Brother.  Seeing him lying on a bench at a bus stop....

The Candle.  The candle burns so quickly

Hibernation Insights-jenelle. 
Coming out from underground...Lyrics by Jenelle

Savoring Memories-jenelle.  I picked a peony...
Lyrics by Jenelle

The Wind.  Said the rich man to the pauper. 

Strange things happen.  Once upon a time as I was walking.... 

Such is life-jenelle. 
I worked up to jumping in...Lyrics by Jenelle 

It's all over. Don't be blue.  It's time to leave... 

Moments of Midsummer Magic.  I am known to ponder..... 

One Day.  I got a call from a friend of mine. 

Peace.  With each new sunrise comes a most peaceful feeling. 

Peace-sequel.  Woke up this morning with light in my face. 

Country Fair.  Went out walking early this morning..... 

What'll I Do When...  What'll I do when I find myself. 

As I Look Down.  Floating up on high... 

The changing of the guard.  Woke up this morning... 

50th.  Hey Babe. How are you Nell? 

The Silver Moon.  I pulled into Provo. 

Letting Go.  Have you ever kept a piece of furniture? Lyrics by Jenelle 

The Creek.  I watch the creek as it slowly flows.

Your Door.  Things happen for a reason....

Box.  Don't put me in a box.

Watching the Squirrel.  I love to watch the squirrel eating nuts.

Sunny Day People.  Sunny day people always seem to know what to do.

What is my work?  Remembering enlightenment. 
Lyrics by Jenelle

On a country road.  Exiting the asphalt onto a quiet dusty dirt road.

Advice to Myself.  Make a reservation without changing it twice.
Lyrics by Jenelle

Think-Positive-Be-Positive.  The people came from all around.....

Spirit Pain.  I struggle every day to fine meaning in any way.

No one.  He waits for no one, no favors has he.

Outside looking in.  The last time I came around,.....

Awakening, right here.  My daughter has written a poem for me....
Lyrics by Jenelle

See the Lights.  See the lights, the pretty lights