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Puzzle-Face Push Mold Gallery

Using Puzzle-Face Push Molds
to learn how to Sculpt.

Maureen has designed 4 rubber molds to quickly form the basic shapes that make up a face.  Use polymer clay or any other medium that can be used with a rubber mold and put the pieces together, like pieces of a puzzle, to complete the basic face structure.  Because it is easy to change the exact size and shape of each piece, you can use the molds to create characters that are uniquely your own.

This tool creates 1.5" to 2.25" faces.  Get all 4 molds and have fun interchanging all the face pieces to design your own.

Please give us suggestions for future puzzle face™ molds that you would like Maureen to design and make available. We hope you have fun with our one-of-a-kind Puzzle Face™ push molds.

......Maureen and Dan

Each rubber mold is packaged in a plastic bag (with hanging hole).
This instructional pamplet is included with each mold.

Special additives have been added to increase the shelf life of each mold up to 10 years.  We think this is very important because artists like to keep their molds for future projects.  (We don't throw anything away, it seems!)
Just try to store the molds in a clean, dry location.

Price: $10.00 each or (2 or more pf molds for $8.00 each)
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Puzzle Face #1 With Rugged Chin and Masculine Brow.


Puzzle Face #2 With Smiling Face and Elfin Ears.


Puzzle Face #3 With Full Lips and Feminine Brow.


Puzzle Face #4 With Flashing Smile and 4 eye variations.



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An instructional DVD showing Maureen working with the molds and assembling faces from the 4 molds. $16.00 each.
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tv Youtube preview of the
Puzzle-Face Instructional Video
(9 min.)