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Dan's new music (in pink)

12/21/2022 new See the Lights

12/09/2022 new Awakening, right here. By Daughter Jenelle

11/26/2022 Outside Looking In

11/20/2022 No One

10/31/2022 Spirit Pain

09/28/2022 Think-positive-be-positive

09/18/2022 Advice to Myself. By Daughter Jenelle

07/04/2022 On a Country Road

06/19/2022 What is my work? By Daughter Jenelle

06/11/2022 Sunny Day People

04/11/2022 Watching the Squirrel

03/11/2022 Don't put me in a box

03/08/2022 Your Door

02/21/2022 Letting Go, written by my daughter Jenelle and The Creek

01/10/2022 Our mold prices have increased by approximately 10%. Silicone rubber costs more now.

12/19/2021  The Silver Moon

12/16/2021  50th (My daughter just turned 50.)

11/25/2021  As I Look Down and The changing of the guard

11/08/2021 What'll I Do When...

10/28/2021 A Country Fair

10/20/2021 Peace and Peace-sequel

08/26/2021 One Day

08/13/2021 Moments of Midsummer Magic (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

07/24/2021 It's all over. Don't be blue.

07/17/2021 Such is Life (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

07/14/2021 Strange things happen

07/11/2021 The Wind

06/04/2021  Savoring the Memories (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

05/31/2021  Hibernation-Insights-Jenelle (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

05/27/2021  The Candle

05/09/2021  The Wanderer's Brother

05/03/2021  The Poet

04/29/2021  The Rodeo Clown

04/26/2021  Go

04/26/2021  An Old Blues Man

03/19/2021  Wanderer's Lament

03/10/2021  Radio kdrm

03/04/2021  Winds of change , Coming around the bend

01/28/2021  Bright Star

01/23/2021  The Songwriter

01/14/2021  To change the world

12/22/2020  Twisted Logic

11/15/2020  Stay with it (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

11/13/2020  The Wonder of Whistling (Lyrics by my daughter Jenelle)

11/02/2020   Gone

10/25/2020   What a day

09/20/2020  The President

09/14/2020  It's a lovely day ( a barbershop song #25)

08/28/2020  My My My My My

07/06/2020  The Dream

07/05/2020  Courage

05/18/2020 When I'm Blue

05/18/2020 When I'm Blue Version #2 (with harmony)

05/10/2020  Truth, Love and Happiness

05/05/2020  A Better Day Tomorrow

04/27/2020  A Beautiful Day

04/23/2020 Hope, wishes, and dreams

04/23/2020 Mr. Blue

04/06/2020 Duct Tape Blues

03/28/2020 Suddenly

02/28/2020 May He shine His light on you

02/26/2020  The Rat's Nest Bar

02/25/2020  An Answer

02/17/2020  Bluer than the sky

02/11/2020  Take a journey in your mind

02/04/2020  My Album

01/26/2020  This is the day

01/24/2020  I've found a way

01/20/2020  I still got the blues for you

01/15/2020  I got the blues for you

12/21/19 Blue times two and Why--?

12/17/19  Skedaddle

11/26/19 Now I'm really really blue

11/11/19 Recipes for the blues and Laughing

10/31/19 New small moldb2s. Same as moldb2 but 1/2 the size.
small moldbs. Same as moldb but 1/2 the size.

10/18/19 For those of you who can not watch a DVD,
you now have an option to purchase and view our videos on line.
Even the Santa Playshop Class can be viewed online....and it's $19.00 cheaper than the 2 DVD's.

09/29/19 NEW: Minnesota is our home.

09/23/19 New Days have found me.

08/03/19 NEW MOLDF27 moldf27moldf27

07/22/19  The Sea (lyrics by Doris Coghill)

07/13/19  White collar crime

07/09/19  Whenever you decide

06/28/19  It's time to move on

03/23/19  Eternity is waiting

02/24/19  Thank You

01/29/19  Lost and Found

12/31/18   The Wanderer's Journeyclock12 stories and songs

10/09/18  Beautiful Mind

09/16/18  Boiling

09/14/18 A few restocked Sisters and Friars 

09/03/18  Sweat  Sharing Sweat

08/24/18  Down to Two

08/04/28 New Moldsmoldf26moldf25cmoldf24moldf23moldf22moldf21

07/20/18 We have more Friar Folk in stock. Check it out.

07/01/18  Feelings in a song

06/10/18  Please Stay   The Beginning

05/29/18  Walking Backwards Song

05/21/18  Here we are

05/11/18  Sunrise to Sunset

05/06/18  Listen to me

03/09/18 song: Nothing Upstairs

03/09/18 Moldwf1, 5 whimsical faces, each 1 inch moldwf1

02/14/18 Making Doll Bodies Tutorial in PDF

02/09/18 Song: I got the blues again

02/07/18 Song: A Simple Life

02/02/18 We are phasing out all of our hard resin poured molds and have discounted them while supplies last.  They are mold-2, mold-3, mold-5, mold-6, and mold-20.

01/21/18  Song  Welcome

01/13/18  Song  The World

12/18/17  Song  A Long Way Around (with special efffects)

12/11/17  Song  Ball and chain blues (with special effects)

11/28/17  2 Songs  So Little Time Ghost

11/22/17  Restocked Certain Friars and Sister Folk (first come first serve) Many have only one left in stock.

11/11/17  Song: Fear

10/25/17  2 Songs: Insecurity It's here

10/14/17  2 Songs: Old School Babbling brook blues

10/07/17  3 Songs: A Crying Shame Consequences Down the road

10/03/17  2 Songs: The last laugh Those dog gone blues

09/29/17  Songs: Thoughts  Blues on my shoulder

09/26/17  Songs: Every Day Blues    Your Only One

09/19/17  Song: Wonderland

09/12/17  Song: Independence

08/19/17 Another song: Pain

08/14/17 A new song: Watching Children Grow

08/10/17 A new song: Fifty Years Ago narrated and sung by Bruce Coghill

and another version of Fifty Years Ago narrated and sung by Dan Carlson

Another song to enjoy: Back Together Blues narrated and sung by Bruce Coghill

and another version:     Back Together Blues narrated and sung by Dan Carlson

08/05/17 A new song: Bad Cadillac

07/29/17 A new song: Like it or not

07/27/17 A new song: Good times gone

07/22/17 A new song: You set me free

07/19/17 A new song: justified

07/13/17 Three new songs: miss you and  you know and faded memories

07/05/17 Two new songs: analyzed and in your mind.

06/24/17 Independence Day Sale  10% off all items, from 06/24/17 to midnight 07/04/17.

06/08/17 We have found more Sister Folk and Friar Folk in stock.  First come - first serve.

Mug Huggers have been reduced to $2.00 each. And Rubber Stamps reduced to $3.00 each.

Also the deal of the day for a push mold has increased to 20% off.

03/19/17 Another song from Dan and Bruce: My Heart

03/12/17 Yet another song from Dan and Bruce: Dream children dream.

03/05/17 Two more songs by Dan, Controlled and Mystery Lady.

02/17/17 Another song, this time political, from Dan, Get out there and fight. Check out his other music.

02/15/17 Three new songs from Dan and Bruce Sundown-dream and Sundown-nightmare and Drink my supper. Check out his other music.

02/13/17 Two new songs from Dan and Bruce Watching and Waiting and Bazaar.  Check out his other music.

01/10/17 The Santa Playshop is now offered as an online class or on 2 dvds (viewed on tv or computer).

12/28/16 A new Song from Dan and Bruce Battles. This one has special background music.  Check out his other music.

12/10/16 A new Barbershop Song from Dan It's you. Check out his other barbershop music.

12/01/16 A new Song from Dan I love to talk. Check out his other music.

11/01/16 2 new Sister Folk.

04/07/16 Our push molds price discounts have changed.

03/30/16 Dan's new song about nothing and a barbershop tune: remember

02/06/16 Our foot moldf12f with 5 feet, top and bottom, is now available.  Check it out.

01/18/16 Our 6 videos are now on Vimeo On Demand.  Check out the previews and rent for $4.00 or buy for $16.00.

11/10/15 The prices of Moldb and Moldb2 have been reduced from $16 to $14 each or 2 molds at the same price for $13 each.  Now you can buy any 2 or more of moldb, moldb2, moldf5, moldf4, moldf3, and molda for $13 each.

10/28/15 NEW---- Push Mold Deal of the Day
Note:  Please be sure to refresh your browser when you are at our home page to get the latest What's New.
Also refresh when you are at our mold page to get this latest addition to our order process.

10/19/15 2 new Sister Folk  New Sisters.

05/27/15 Our new (5) small hands mold is finished and available as item moldf11h.

04/22/2015  Dan sings many songs in acappella.

03/30/2015 FOUR NEW MOLDS......moldb18, boot mold; moldf19, Mrs. Santa face; moldf11h, 5 small hands; moldf12f, 5 small feet

12/09/2014 Just finished converting the molds order list page to be media compatible.  Hope you like it.

11/26/2014 For those of you who like to browse Etsy, please check out our Etsy Shop.

10/28/2014 We are re-designing our web site to meet the format of media such as smartphones, tablets etc.  We'll be upgrading all the pages eventually.   So try it out and let us know what you think. 

10/08/2014 a8845All of Maureen's books are now on sale.  Remember...Maureen signs all her books.

07/01/2014  New molds F8, large feet, F9, small feet, F10, small hands


Keep your eyes on this page!  Because of various requests, in the near future we will have a 3 inch, 2 part foot mold that will go with our face molds F3, F4, and F5.  The R&D took a bit longer than we expected, but we are getting close to completion.


bookMaureen's new book is in stock early and we will still give a preorder discount until 02/24/14. So please order now.



Maureen is teaching an . 


tv2 new instructional YouTube videos on using our 2 part hand mold F6 and using our 3 inch face molds F3, F4, and F5.


This book replaces the two books below it....due in 03/12/2014...preorder now and get 33% discount.



Note: These two books are being combined into one book: Clay Creation Workshop shown above.

new books


fairiesMaking Fairy Garden Items to sell at the Eagan Farmer's Market.

02/15/2013 2 new books coming soon. 

creazyclay freaky

11/20/2012 Fairy House Fronts made from concrete by Dan

guard pic fairy house

09/15/2012 The storykeeper doll pattern PDF is ready to download.

07/02/2012 A new push moldf7, 2" storykeeper face
Can be used with the Storykeeper Doll Pattern.storykeeper






06/18/2012 We have obtained 4 of the older molds that customers have been requesting. 
They are mold-11, 1 1/2" hands, mold-17, 2" head, mold-18, 2" boot, and mold-20, 1 3/4" angel face.
We have a limited quantity since they are no longer in production.

05/23/2012 We have updated and reissued our 1991 instructional vhs videos, Vol-1,2,4, and 5 to DVD format.

05/12/2012 Dan' new Chakra stone chakra picwith wooden stand for upright display.

4 updated instructional videos from Maureen's original vcr format, Vol.1, vol.2, vol.4, and vol.5

02/10/2012 Push mold slide show, Sister Folk slide show, Friar Folk slide show

polycafe pic

12/24/2011 Maureen is planning to have more push molds designed this winter.
Please contact her with your suggestions or needs.  Thanks...

12/07/2011 New Calla Lily art stone


COMING SOON  Moldb New Face bead mold


Get your wildlife stones here.steppingstone






Get your own astrological sign in a Zodiac Stone.


Pet Stone Memorials


New line of Angel Folk.....due in August 15
New Sister Folk (sf-1557)


Personalized Message stones


Special Stepping stones just for kids.


New Sister Folks
New Friar Folk

Dan's new garden scuptures


A new collectible line from Maureen called Angel Folk, due later this year.
New Friar Folk (ff-1344) and a New Sister Folk (sf-1553)


Closeout of Maureen's book, Imagine your World in Clay(A8905), has been reduced from $14.99 to $7.95.


We have reduced our prices on our latest flexible push molds.


molda picNew Face Push Mold

pfpm pic Mix/match quantity prices have been reduced, especially for those of you who teach and want to have the molds available for your students.

pfmolds pic There is also a quantity discount on the pfdvd.

Maureen's new 2009 classes are now online and you can reserve spaces now with our new class registration program.
Have fun!

Happy New Year! And in this year there will be many new things on the horizon.
An automated class registration and bed availability program will be here as soon as Maureen's new classes get uploaded for 2009.
Also a new line of Angel Folk is coming soon, and more rubber push molds. Here's a toast for an exciting year, in spite of all the bad economic news.
We all may be hurting, somewhat, but we can still have a good attitude, can't we?

11/15/08 New Sister Folk and new Friar Folk for 2009

11/03/08 Dan's made a special stone for meditation.

10/29/08 Dan's new song: Power Lyrics This is pop/rock.  A bit off the kilter from Dan's usual style.

10/28/08 Dan's new song: Why Lyrics

10/25/08 Dan is now making his  Stepping Stones into plaques made from CreaStone.

10/22/08 Dan's new song: Easy Lyrics

08/20/08 New gallery sculptures

08/02/08 New Product: Stepping Stones

07/18/08 New product: Wall Faces

06/04/08 A $5 coupon code(cc) will be hidden in our June's newsletter in the format: cc=??????. When you order a minimum of $30, on line, just enter this code in the email order form to get $5 off for that month.

04/18/08 Our new Puzzle-Face Molds and DVD

03/01/08 Another music video from Dan:  Temptation

02/19/08 Introducing pfpm pic

01/09/08 A new category on our home page "Closeouts" will have sales and closeouts on our inventory.

12/22/07 We now have 1 Millie Roseanna P133 in stock for $72.00. (excellent condition)

12/21/07 The Friar and Sister dates 2007 ornaments are now on sale for $4.50 each, previously $8.00 each.

12/19/07 We have one of Maureen's original  Vol-2, Faces, faces, faces VHS video available for $30.00

12/11/07 For you collectors out there, we have found 1 Daphne Anne, Pippsywoggin item P110 for $48.00.

11/15/07 For you collectors out there, we have found 1 Effie Lu, Pippsywoggin item P121 for $56.00. Remember, she's the one in the terracotta pot looking out.

10/17/07 New Sister Folk (sf-1541) Love Blooms at Christmas figurine dated 2007

10/05/07 Dan has made a music video about P-nut, his new dog.


Closeout of all Mug Huggers for $5.00 each, originally $15.00.

09/10/07 Preorder Dan's 3rd CD for $8.00, regular price: $12.97.

09/01/07 Dan's web site has been revised and includes several new features, including free access and downloads of all his songs,
and now you can request Dan to create a personalized, special song just for you. http://www.weefolk.com

An audio commentary has also been added for his first CD.

08/23/07 Dan has started his 3rd music CD with "Worry".

08/16/07 Dan has added an audio commentary about his second CD.

08/13/07 Maureen's new Sister folk ornament dated 2007

08/13/07 Maureen's new Friar Folk ornament dated 2007

08/13/07 Dan has completed his second music CD

07/01/07 -----8 New Sister folk and 4 new Frair Folk

The new items are on order and hopefully will be here in 1-2 weeks.
I'll ship as soon as they arrive.

05/22/07 On line streaming video for sculpting a realistic face is now available here.  tv pic

04/23/07 New 88 minute instructional video by Maureen. tv pic Special pre-order discount until May 14, 2007

03/30/07 How-to Video on using push molds.tv pic
Note: This graphic  will show up in the upper left hand corner next to our logo when a video is included on that particular
page.  Also the symbol a/v will show up on a leaf if there is an audio or video included for that category.

03/21/07 "A Road Trip to Maureen's" tv picvideo is now available to play.

03/19/07 Pip Greeting cards are now available.

01/23/07 You may order gift certificates now. Click here

01/11/07 New sculptures in Maureen's Gallery. and new web pages in Maureen's website and 2 new sister folk.

12/05/06 New music from DanLabyrinth

11/05/06 New Gallery sculptures by Maureen

10/23/06 Molds #9, 11, 15, and 21 are again (limited time) available.
Also pictures of the secret door and the gnome that someone will win with Maureen's new book are pictured.


Maureen's New Book (A8906) due in Nov 2006

See Maureen's Special Offer


8 New Sister Folk


2 New Friar Folk (ff-1330)(ff-1331)