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Pippsywoggins Order List

This list includes every Pip sculpture ever introduced by Maureen starting with #p101 in 1992.
Each fine hand-crafted resin piece is cast from a mold of Maureen's original clay artwork.
The resin characters are then carefully hand-painted by skilled artisans to capture the personality
of each Pippsywoggin.  Each Pip, if standing, would be approximately 4 to 6 inches tall.  To truly
get the feeling of each Pip character, be sure and read the stories!

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p101 Twylah Jean  $48.00 (limited quantity- 11 left)
p102 Kathryn Ophelia $36.00 (limited quantity-4 left) Story

p103 Peterjon Thomas $38.00 (limited quantity- 13 left) Story

p104 Leticia Elizabeth $48.00 (limited quantity-1 left)   Story

p105 Gertrude Gretchen  $56.00 (limited quantity-1 left)   Story

p106 Jay Otis Will $56.00 (limited quantity-10 left) Story

p107 Dessie Rosalia $18.00 (limited quantity-68 in stock) Story

p108 Hawthorne Pete $24.00 (limited quantity-15 left) Story

p109 Alfie Leander $56.00 (limited quantity-9 left) Story

p110 Daphne Anne $48.00 (discontinued)   Story

p111 Alida Ruth  $56.00 (discontinued)Story


p112 Zachary Alexander $56.00 (limited quantity-1 left))   Story

p113 Nellie Michelle $36.00 (discontinued) Story

p114 Lilah Pearl $56.00 (limited quantity-6 left) Story

p115 Owen Arlie McDaid $24.00 (limited quantity- 11 left) Story


p116 Heather Azelle $24.00 (limited quantity-12 left) Story

p117 Elliot McFee $36.00 (limited quantity-5 left) Story

p118 Winnie Viola (discontinued)$48.00  Story

p119 Phiebe Grace $48.00  (limited quantity- 6 left))story

p120 Parsley Scott $36.00 (limited quantity-8 left) Story

p121 Effie Lu  $56.00 (discontinued)   Story


p122 Hattie Marie $36.00 (limited quantity-6 left) Story

p123 Petunia Belle $36.00 (limited quantity-1 left) Story p124 Burdie James $36.00 (limited quantity-9 left) Story

p125 Addie Brianne $36.00 (discontinued) Story


p126 Tobie Kyle  $48.00 (limited quantity-3 left)  Story


p127 Amsy Eileen $48.00 (limited quantity-6 left) Story

p128 Tyler Eugene $48.00 (limited quantity-9 left) Story

p129 Eliza Madeline $36.00 (limited quantity-8 left) Story

p130 Kenzie Leanne $36.00 (limited quantity-10 left) Story

p131 Frannie Jane $72.00 (limited quantity-2 left)   Story

p132 Opal Veronica $36.00 (limited quantity-10 left) Story

P133 Millie Roseanna $72.00 (limited quantity-1 left)  Story

P301 Sharing Secrets $72.00 (limited quantity-7 left) Story

P302 Hide'n Go Seek $72.00 (limited quantity-5 left) Story

P303 Taking Time For Friends  $48.00 (limited quantity-9 left) Story

p501 Pip Booklet Holder  $6.00 (limited quantity-15 left) Story

p502 Frog House $9.50  (limited quantity-15 left)    Story

p503 Apple Doll $9.50  (limited quantity-8 left))  Story

p504 Sewing Basket $7.00 (limited quantity-13 left)   Story

p505 Marionette $6.00 (limited quantity-16 left)   Story

p506 Strawberry Doll $9.50 (limited quantity-9 left)   Story